Specialized Classes

These classes require special arrangements.  Please contact Terri for your private class. One project per class, and all participants create the same project type.

Advanced – “Monday Fun Day” This is a Glass Fusing With Friends session only for students who have attended more than 8 classes and can work independently with little or no instruction. (I am finding I do not get time to make my glass projects during class time… And, I want to create and have fun too. That’s why I started GFWF.)  So, sorry, no first time GFWF students or complex projects can be done at “Monday Fun Day” classes. Note: Minimum $10 per class and classes are limited to 6-8 attending. Register now & receive your confirmation. If you would like to work on a Maple Leaf Bowl or Circle/Round Plate (small charge for round), please call or email me ahead of time… Or, if you find that you cannot attend, please call me at 360-574-8861 to cancel. Thank you.

Specialized Crackle Glass

Crackle Glass Project:

Create a unique design utilizing a special crackle technique. Blend powders to achieve color variation and manipulate the project to create the crackle texture effect that you desire. This will involve two classes and the cost ranges from $40 to $85+ depending on the scope/size of your project. Contact me prior to registration to schedule this class.

Window Art

You supply the window and I will teach you how to prep the window and make a beautiful work of art.  Cost is approximately $50-$450 and up depending on the number of window panes and size, firings, and the amount of glass, etc.  This will involve 3-5 consecutive classes. Contact me at the time of registration to discuss your vision for your window at your first class.  We will map out a plan together for this fun project. Be sure to contact me at registration so I can be prepared to assist you.

Specialized Window Art

Cherished Glass Memories

This can be a hosted class with your friends or a private class with just you which will allow you to create a priceless memorial using the ashes of a loved one (including beloved pets).  Participants will bring just a tablespoon of ashes that will be added to their glass fusing items.  Each participant may make up to 4 items (pendants/stones, platter or dish, frame, etc.) – Cost $50.

Alternatively, Terri, owner of Cherished Glass Memories, can create a customized item for you to cherish for many years to come starting at $50.00 (plus shipping) per fused glass creations. If you would like to come to the Glass Fusing With Friends studio to create your own Cherished Glass Memory, please contact me directly either by clicking on this link, via gmail atTerri@GlassFusingWithFriends.com, or via phone at 360-574-8861.

Cherished Glass Memories Class

This photograph is of my father and me on an Alaskan Cruise while we were whale watching.  Alaska was one of my father’s favorite places.  This particular Alaskan adventure was very special to my father because he was able to make the trip with my sister and me, our spouses, and his wife.  When my father passed away in 2011, I decided that I wanted to memorialize both my father and this special memory together by making the frame you see pictured here.  This glass frame contains my father’s ashes which I fused into the whale portion of the frame.