All glass fusing instruction is FREE. A basic project starts at $30.00 per person. A Glass Fusing With Friends glass class is where you choose your glass fusing project. First time GFWF students will make a 4″x11″ decorative bar for $30. See class examples below…

Please note that we are unable to accommodate children under 14 years old and there is minimum $10 per class. If you would like to work on a Circle/Round Plate, Maple Leaf Bowl, or Window Art, please call 360.574.8861 or contact me ahead of time.

You need to register in advance for a class – Please see Calendar/Registration tab. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation (You may have to check your spam filter for your confirmation if you don’t see it soon after registering).

Be sure to review the What to Expect tab for more information on your upcoming class.

Weather alert: In the event that the forecast indicates extreme heat or snow/ice snow, class may be cancelled. Check the GFWF web site or your email for updates to your class.  

Glass Fusing Classes

Open Class: These classes are open to all – from beginners to advanced glass students.  You will choose from one of the projects listed below. First time GFWF students will make a 4″x11″ decorative bar for $30.

Hosted Class: These classes are by invitation only – Hostesses please see Hostess Instructions below.

Advanced – “Monday Fun Day”: This is a Glass Fusing With Friends session only for students who have attended more than 8 classes and can work independently with little or no instruction. (I am finding I do not get time to make my glass projects during class time… And, I want to create and have fun too. That’s why I started GFWF.)  So, sorry, no first time GFWF students or complex projects can be done at “Monday Fun Day” classes.

Note: Minimum $10 per class and classes are limited to 6-8 attending. Register now & receive your confirmation. If you would like to work on a Maple Leaf Bowl or Circle/Round Plate (small charge for round), please call or email me ahead of time… Or, if you find that you cannot attend, please call me at 360-574-8861 to cancel. Thank you.

Basic Project

Glass Project Pricing:

You will have the opportunity to design and create your own glass item…

  • First time GFWF students will make a 4″x11″ decorative bar for $30.
  • X-Small from $5 – $25 – Examples: jewelry; night light; 3 ½” to 7″ dish, etc.
  • Small Project $30 – Examples: 8″ square/rectangular plate; set 4 coasters, etc. – $35 for rounds
  • Medium Project $40 – Examples: 9″ to 12″ square/rectangular plate, etc. – $50 for rounds
  • Large Project $50 – Examples: 12″ to 17″ square/rectangular plate, etc. – $60 for rounds
  • X-Large Project $60 – Examples: 17″-19″ square/rectangular plate, etc. – $70 for rounds
  • Note: there may be additional charges for special glass and accessories on glass projects. Additionally, if you want to make a round plate, please contact me in advance.  If this is your first class, we highly recommend that you keep your glass design simple. Click here to link to the class calendar.

Yard Art Projects:

You may make: yard stakes  – Cost is approx. $5.00 to 25.00.

Small Project

Special Designs:

You will have an opportunity to explore various glass fusing techniques from basic designs to more unique projects like 3D Burst, Basket Weave, Shatter & Splatter, etc.

Maple Leaf Glass Bowl

Maple Leaf Bowl:

 You will create a 17 inch round Maple Leaf Bowl similar to the one pictured here. Cost is $60.00. Please contact me at the time of registration so that I can be sure to have your supplies ready for you at class time.  This project takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to assemble so it is important that the glass is ready for you at class time.

Hostess Instructions:

Students who have attended a minimum of 2 classes may choose to host a class.

Are you interested in earning a $10 credit towards your glass fusing project? As a hostess, you may gather 2 to 3 of your friends or colleagues and you must register. There is a maximum of 4 and minimum of 3 attending and there is a $10 minimum per student, per class.  Please call me to schedule a hosted Glass Fusing with Friends class.

You and your guests will have the opportunity to design and create a basic Glass Project: Small, Medium, Large or X-Large. New students are encouraged to keep their project simple. Hostess will assist with inviting guest & scheduling changes. Hostess will also pick up all completed glass fusing projects. You may bring snacks to class but please no alcoholic beverages. Thank you. To schedule a hosted class, please contact me.

List of Upcoming Classes