All glass fusing classes are offered free of charge.  You will be responsible for the cost of your glass and supplies. The #1 Basic Project Package starts at $40.00 per person. There will be added charges if you choose to use special glass and/or accessories on your project. Please note that we are unable to accommodate children under 14 years old.  Class instruction will begin promptly at the scheduled time.  

Warning – Weather Alert: In the event that the forecast indicates snow, ice or a bad storm, class will be cancelled and you will receive a cancellation email or contact from your hostess if you are registered for a hosted class.

You will receive a waiver in your confirmation email from Word Press after you register for a class.  Please read, print, and sign waiver to bring with you to class.  We will have additional waivers available at the studio if necessary.

Open Class:  These classes are open to all – from beginners to                                           advanced glass students.  You will choose from one                                     of  the projects listed below.

Hosted Class:  These classes are by invitation only – Hostesses                                              please see Hostess Instructions below.

Basic Project Package:




You will have the opportunity to design and create three glass items.  Package 1 – $40: you may choose either one 8 inch round plate, one 8 ½ inch square plate, or one 5 x 8 inch rectangular plate AND one 3 ½ inch square tea bag holder AND one pendant or ring. Package 2 – $50 and Package 3 – $60  include one larger item along with the two smaller items. Note: there will be added charges for special glass and accessories on all packages. If this is your first class, we recommend that you keep your glass design simple. Click here to link to the class calendar.






Window Art Project:




Window Art: You supply the window and I will teach you how to make a beautiful work of art.  Cost is approximately $50-$300 and up depending on the number of window panes and size, firings, and the amount of glass, etc.  This will involve 3-5 consecutive classes. Contact me at the time of registration to discuss your vision for your window.  We will map out a plan together for this fun project.



Maple Leaf Bowl Project:



Maple Leaf Bowl:  You will create a 17 inch round Maple Leaf Bowl similar to the one pictured here. Cost is $50.00. Please contact me at the time of registration so that I can be sure to have your supplies ready for you at class time.  This project takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to assemble so it is important that the glass is ready for you at class time.








 Small Projects: 





Small Projects:  You may make: 5 jewelry items, OR 3 night lights, OR 4 tea bag holders, OR 4 yard stakes, OR 4 coasters. Cost is approx. $30.00.





Scrap Projects:




Scrap is an opportunity to enjoy glass fusing at a discounted price.  You will receive a discount of $5.00 off of the package prices. Scrap package prices will be $35. – $45. – $55. You will be able to create your project  from 1 clear tekta (clear base glass) and then can use scrap glass to create your glass item.





Hostess Instructions:

Students who have attended a minimum of 2 classes may choose to host a class. Are you interested in earning a free $40 credit towards your glass fusing project? As a hostess, you may gather together 3 to 5 of your friends or colleagues and you must register to become the maximum 6 attending and  call me to schedule a hosted Glass Fusing with Friends class.  You and your 5 guests will have the opportunity to design and create three glass items (Basic Project Packages 1, 2 or 3). Hostess will assist with inviting guest & scheduling changes.  Hostess will also pick up all completed glass fusing projects. You may bring snacks to class but please no alcoholic beverages. Thank you. To schedule a hosted class, please contact me.


Cherished Glass Memory Project:

A Cherished Glass Memory is a priceless glass memorial made with the ashes of a loved one (including beloved pets). Participants will bring just a tablespoon of ashes to add to their glass fused items. You may make up to 4 items (Plate, pendant, stone, frame, etc.).  Cost is $50.00. Contact me prior to registration. A private appointment can be arranged if desired.

Our studio is located in Vancouver, Washington.  Studio address will be on your conformation form.


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